Ultra-reliable cellular connectivity with tangible benefits for patients

Aging populations, increases in chronic conditions, and the need to deliver better care while reducing costs combine to create significant challenges for the sector. IoT can a play a pivotal role in the solution.

IoT has the potential to improve quality of life and safety as well as lowering costs and resources for healthcare delivery, with cutting-edge telehealth solutions enabling patients and vulnerable people to remain in their homes for long, reducing the burden on healthcare providers.

The Importance of Connectivity

Unlike many IoT devices, lives can depend on the performance of connected medical devices and the applications that patients and practitioners use.

Cellular connectivity is often the best solution to ensure that IoT health devices can connect and stay connected. But not all providers can deliver ubiquitous, global connectivity and mitigate the complications that arise from roaming restrictions and regulations.

By placing connectivity at the heart of digital health device design you can unlock the enormous potential of telehealth and telecare.

State of IoT Adoption: Healthcare and Medical Devices.

Telehealth and telecare are evolving at speed. Only the fittest thrive. 

IoT connectivity has never had a more important role to play - by ensuring IoT healthcare devices stay continuously connected. 

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Harnessing IoT for Healthcare

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