As we reach an inflection point in the IoT industry, we can expect seismic changes. Eseye’s CEO, Nick Earle, and SVP Strategy and Alliances, Larry Socher explore five major trends that will change the industry and move up the agenda for IoT manufacturers and enterprise IoT managers in 2023, including:

Top 5 IoT Predictions for 2023 and beyond.

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The MNO proprietary lock-in finally cracks with increased choice and the hyperscaler threat

Interoperability between public and private networks becomes a priority

Consumer and enterprise IoT use cases converge to create new connectivity challenges

Nick Earle is a visionary business leader with a distinguished career in technology spanning more than 30 years, oscillating between start-ups and global IT, tech, and transportation companies.  

Nick believes in 'IoT that works' everytime and everywhere, and his team at Eseye empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits with innovative connectivity solutions and IoT advisory services. An undisputed champion of IoT, Nick makes it his mission to increase awareness on the topic.

In 2021, Nick launched an IoT trends podcast (IoT Leaders Podcast) and continues to evangelise about IoT’s positive benefits in the developed and developing world – which remains a key passion. Through contributions in reports, blogs and videos, Nick makes IoT more accessible, offering guidance to organisations of all types on how to succeed with IoT projects.

About Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye

Larry brings over 30 years’ industry experience to Eseye, including 26 years at Accenture, where he has served as Global Managing Director for the Service Provider and Enterprise Network practices and Accenture Cisco Business Group, and more recently as the global lead of Accenture’s Cloud, Infrastructure and Edge solutions.  

During his tenure at Accenture, Larry has continuously demonstrated his ability to scale global cloud, network, and infrastructure practices, whilst driving sales and revenue growth in service provider and enterprise markets. More recently, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Larry was the lead architect for Accenture’s Federal Systems’ cloud, infrastructure, and IoT/Edge solutions, positioning him perfectly to stimulate and drive Eseye’s growth in the global IoT market.

About Larry Socher, SVP Strategy & Alliances of Eseye

We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity. 

We have everything you need to move from initial concept to global deployment. We do this through seamless IoT connectivity, technical device services and versatile hardware, backed by round-the-clock support. All with an intense focus on enabling our customers to drive business value, deploy differentiated experiences, and disrupt their markets – without limits.  

Together, our AnyNet+ eSIM technology, Infinity IoT Connectivity Platform™ and partner ecosystem connect millions of devices across 190 countries. We bring together over 700 networks for 100% global coverage – and our flexible technology platform means our customers are ready for whatever else the future holds.   


What IoT trends can we expect in 2023?

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